Recent Board Actions

The Board is reporting these actions pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-3214(A), which state, “The Board may not disclose to the public a pending complaint or investigation. Agendas, meeting minutes, and discussion made in public session are exempt from this statute. In addition, pursuant to subsection (B), the Board will be required to post all disciplinary orders/actions on its website. The Board will also be required to post all non-disciplinary orders/actions on its website, with the exception of Letters of Concern or Advisory Letters.  The non-disciplinary orders/actions shall remain on the Board’s website for five years.  (There is no corresponding time frame for disciplinary orders/actions.) While non-disciplinary actions, such as letters of concern, are public records they will only be available to the public upon request. The requirement to post non-disciplinary orders/actions is not retroactive.