Information for New Grads & Applicants

All Licensees

  1. Notify the Board of any Change in Contact Information
  2. Keep Copies of your CEU's
  3. Know the Laws and Rules
  4. If you are arrested, you MUST report the incident within 10 days In Writing
  5. It is your Duty and Obligation to report Respiratory Therapists to the Board that you believe may be engaging in Unprofessional Conduct
  6. It is your responsibility to know when your license expires


Applicants/New Graduates

  1. Your Credentials from the NBRC (CRT, RRT) are not your License
  2. It is your Obligation to complete Payment for your license. No License will be issued until Complete Payment has been received
  3. You Must Inform the Board Immediately:
    1. If you change your Employment Status
    2. If you change your Contact Information
    3. Of any information a Reasonable Person might expect the Board would need to know in order to make a decision on either Granting or Denying a License. (Whether you have a Credential or not.)
  4. Please allow a minimum of eight to ten weeks to process Applications