Continuing Education

Required CEUs

Licensed respiratory care practitioners must complete twenty (20) hours of approved continuing education (CEUs) prior to submittal of their license renewal application.  With the ending of the COVID-19 State of Emergency effective 04-01-2022, ALL renewal applications must have a total of 20 CEUs and include (2) hours of Ethics and (5) LIVE hours.  

You may review the notice regarding the changes in our Continuing Education Program here:  CLICK HERE

The following list of entities are automatically approved for their continuing education offerings:

  1. American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology;
  2. American Academy of Pediatrics;
  3. American Academy of Physician Assistants;
  4. American Association for Respiratory Care and its state affiliates;
  5. American Association of Critical Care Nurses and its state affiliates;
  6. American College of Chest Physicians;
  7. American College of Emergency Physicians;
  8. American College of Physicians;
  9. American College of Health Care Executives;
  10. American Heart Association;
  11. American Lung Association and its state affiliates;
  12. American Medical Association and its state affiliates;
  13. American Nurses Association and its state affiliates;
  14. American Osteopathic Association and its state affiliates;
  15. American Thoracic Society and its state affiliates;
  16. Arizona Society for Respiratory Care;
  17. Center for Disease Control;
  18. Centers for Medicare Medicaid (Joint Commission);
  19. College of American Pathologists;
  20. National Asthma Educator Certification Board
  21. Red Cross of America;
  22. Society for American Anesthesiology; or
  23. Society of Critical Care Medicine and its state affiliates

Of the twenty (20) hours of continuing education that must be submitted for renewal of a respiratory care practitioner’s license:

  • All must be approved by one of the entities identified in the above list
  • At least two (2) hours must be in the area of ethics
  • Only fifteen (15) hours may be completed online and five (5) live courses required (live courses or activities acceptable)
  • No more than five (5)  hours accepted  for  any combination of Advanced Cardiac Life Support,  Neonatal  Advanced  Life  Support,  Neonatal  Resuscitation  Program  or  pediatric Advanced Life Support for a renewal.  (You will only be able to obtain hours for one (1) of these classes and not five for each)
  • Basic Life Support courses will not be accepted for any approved CEU
  • Only ten (10) hours of CEU will be accepted for any combination of NBRC specialty examination for renewal of a license
  • No  CEU  will  be  accepted for  the  NBRC  Therapist  Multiple  Choice  or  Clinical  Simulation Examinations for the CRT or RRT Credential.


Randomly Audited Licensees

Audits are performed continuously throughout the year. You will receive an email and a letter in the mail once you have been audited. Please keep records of your CEU's for at least two renewal cycles.

Click here for FAQ on the Audit Process: Audit FAQ